A meal planner

I invest “30 minutes a week” in a planner! I save time and avoid decision fatigue

by Anu Bhatnagar

A meal planner

What if I told you that doing a weekly meal planning in 30 minutes saved me from decision fatigue, saved  time, gave me a sense of accomplishment and most importantly helped me plan better nutrition.

Here is how I do it:

Every Friday morning I set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

I take an A4 size leaf out of my journal and made a table for 7 days. You can create it online too!

Next I filled the my wish list of four meals I want to have for every day, including my most important meal – my breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon energy break snack time.

To keep it flexible, I write a disclaimer – I hold the right to overrule if I wish. This just helps me to know I can make an occasional change in plan!

This simple 30-minutes plan helps me in my busy life. Here are some benefits:

  • Most importantly I felt a sense of accomplishment.
  • I was able to plan a well balanced diet. I can instantly see if I am eating variety of food or no. I add a good mix of nutrients and enough fruits and vegetables.
  • Another big benefit I was saved from the decision fatigue – you know that dreaded feeling of asking – what to cook or what to order every day.
  • I had more time and freedom in my mind to use my energy for other important decisions.
  • Shop better. Because I knew what ingredients, food and items I need for next seven days
  • This system is great to ask help e.g. delegate my food shopping by just adding all the items together and handing it to a friend or family member.

This simple planner also works well in other decisions.

I use the similar system for many other mundane but time consuming activities. Here are a few ideas to check if it helps you free up your precious time as well.

  • Meal planner
  • A weekly goal planner for yourself/ your family – to ‘book’ time for exercise, play time, TV time and personal goals.
  • Create a weekly what-to-wear capsule wardrobe

What is that one area of your life where decision fatigue is tiring you?


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