Marie Forleo And I Could Be BFFs Because of THIS by @xoxoamyjo

Marie Forleo And I Could Be BFFs Because of THIS

Can I get real on you for like half a sec?

I really…REALLY don’t like the feeling of the unknown. It’s probably the most uncomfortable feeling for me. I’m SO Type A, that I like to know exactly what is going to happen, when, how, why, and every other little detail you can imagine. Sound familiar? So often, we push off moving towards the direction of something we truly desire because we feel like we ‘don’t know enough’. So we push off starting our own business and finally quitting a job we totally hate. We push off trying a new craft because we don’t exactly know how to do it and we’re scared of looking ‘dumb’. We avoid saying YES to that amazing guy we’ve had a the biggest crush on when he asks us out because we don’t know how the relationships will turn out down the road…and that’s really scary.


Here is my love note to you: You don’t have to have everything figured out right this second.


In 2012, I quit my job and set out to be an entrepreneur. Guess what happened….nothing! I didn’t even make a dollar because I had SO many limiting beliefs like; I don’t know enough, someone else is better, no one will ever buy from me, I don’t know anything about business, etc. These thoughts totally consumed me and I found myself back at a 9-5. I had completely given up because I let myself believe that I would never know enough to be successful.


I cried.
A lot.


I felt like a total failure. I felt like I had let myself and everyone around me down by giving up on my dreams. So, if you’re feeling like that now, just know that YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING in order to get started.


I pushed off starting my business for YEARS after returning to that 9-5. All because of the fear of not knowing enough. Are you doing the same right now? Imagine where your life could go if you said YES and KEPT GOING and figured things out along the way. Don’t push off your desires because you’re trying to learn anything and everything. Soon, it’ll be 3 years later and you’ll still be waiting on knowing everything. DO SOMETHING NOW! You’ll never know everything, but you can figure out ANYTHING when you need to.


FINALLY, after doing some MAJOR mindset work, I worked with a coach to get clarity, and realized that I didn’t need to know every tiny detail of how to run, market/brand, and build my business. I finally felt the confidence that I needed and was able to quit that 9-5 (again). Did I know everything I needed to about running my business? Nope. But I figured out new things each and every day. The ONLY thing you need RIGHT NOW is the power to say yes to what you most desire from your life. The rest, as Marie Forleo says, is figureoutable. THIS RIGHT HERE PEOPLE! THIS is why Marie and I would totally be BFFs. Because this word, ‘figureoutable‘ IS SO TRUE! Sometimes you need someone, whether it be a BFF, parents, spouse, dog, whatever… to be like, “Hey, I know you’re scared because you feel like you don’t know everything. But trust in yourself and know that EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE!” When I was in a tough spot, thinking that I would never know enough to get where where I wanted to be, I came across across this quote by Marie and it was like….Why didn’t I think of that?! Of course everything is figureoutable! So, let me be your virtual bestie today. You’ll learn when you need to. You’ll grow when it’s time. And if you don’t know how to do something you can hire a coach, mentor, go on YouTube, Google, Pinterest! The knowledge is out there, but don’t put off your dreams while you’re searching for it. Jump before you’re ready. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, right?


I coach women daily in realizing that it is totally ok for them to not know everything. The most transformational work you can do revolves around your mindset and believing that you CAN achieve your deepest desires. If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap and starting your own business, or you’ve already began the journey, I’ve put together a list of 8 free tools that I WISH I had in the beginning to help ease your transition into being your own boss. Don’t make things harder than they need to be! This guide takes out all of the guess work so you can get your new business off on the right foot.


Remember – Every. Single. Thing. Is. Figureoutable.


I pinky promise.


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Amy Jo – International Success Coach + Soul Painter 

Amy Jo As a firm believer in listening to your body’s intuition, Amy Jo founded Soul Paint Co. as a way to encourage women to step into their spotlight. She coaches women around the world to balance their 5 “hot spots” in order to live an abundantly successful and fulfilling life. What are the 5 “hot spots”, you ask? They consist of: Health & Wellness, Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, & Spirituality. Amy Jo believes that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING! When any of these “hot spots” are out of alignment, they affect other areas of your life as well. By balancing these areas, we create space for the magic to happen and to live the life we want! When she’s not coaching, Amy Jo is leading Soul Painting retreats focusing on listening to your intuition through the process of painting. These retreats are moving experiences that break through self judgement and open the heart to greater self love.

Amy Jo has her Bachelors of Arts in Art Therapy, as well as certifications in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She was awarded the POP Scholarship from the National Association of Women Business Owners and is a lover of beaches, elephants, and antique shops.

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2 Replies to “Marie Forleo And I Could Be BFFs Because of THIS by @xoxoamyjo”

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Amy,

    We really can figure it out. Really. 7 years ago I was a broke, laid off security guard with knowledge of how to check my email and and today I’m a pro blogger and Amazon best selling author. 7 years ago I had never been on a plane, had no passport and hadn’t left the USA. Today I’m writing these words from Nicaragua after circling the globe for 53 months and yep, I’ve flown 80 plus times too. We can figure it out by being open. Fab post.


    1. Amy Jo[ Post Author ]

      Wow Ryan!! That’s amazing! Congrats! Your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
      xo Amy

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