Music of your soul


by Mary Gladish

Your Soul vibe is your inner vibe over the years we lose a bit and sometimes lose it altogether. We grow up and take on all the responsibilities of life as an adult which in turn suck the life out of you, so to speak. If you are just tuning in be sure to check out July and August blogs on “She Own it” for a better understanding of the background of Soul Vibe.

The next step is fun; it’s all about music and using it to increase your internal vibration. We are honing in more on the vibration of the song verse the lyrics. Music is one of the only things that captivate and turns on your whole brain at one time. It lights up both hemispheres thus creating a third internal tone resulting in a binaural beat synchronizing the brain.

The next magical step of music is the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is crazy fancy and always present to some degree when discussing neuroscience. Dopamine is the central power driver for all the work your brain does. We are only focusing on the reward, mood, processing pain, and long-term memory aspects. When your dopamine levels decrease in your prefrontal cortex you feel very unmotivated, which goes hand in hand with having a lower Soul vibe. Too high dopamine levels is found in bipolar and schizophrenia, so like everything, there is a balance. Your balance and finding your groove is specific to you, there is no right or wrong, only what works for you.

Over time our brain adapts to the output of neurotransmitters meaning over time your long-term memory remembers being depressed, sad, and unmotivated and sets that as your normal. When your hippocampus is reminded enough that you are requiring more dopamine or a higher vibe your long-term memory is reset. That is why this is a process; you are literally retraining your brain to produce more dopamine.

Start with songs that fit where your vibe is in its current state. You want songs that make you tap your foot, dance, hum whatever feels right to you. Definitely, under no circumstance do you listen to some sappy sad song!! Nope not here, you can get back to that once you get your Soul Vibe back. If the song is uncomfortable for you or you find it irritating even if it’s a song you used to like, find another one and work your way up. Start small start with listening to music in the shower for this specific purpose.

There are many different ways to use sound and music to increase your Soul vibe, I used this method. You can also look into neurologic music therapy, root frequency entrainment, or any sound-based therapy. Neurologic music (NMT) is based on neuroscience where music is a hard-wired brain language. Its purpose is to create positive connections within the brain. Frequency entrainment is best explained by the law of resonance, combining frequency with external stimulus to influence brainwaves.

It’s most important to focus on the avenue of increasing your inner Soul vibration that works for you. Test them all out and have fun with the process and be patient with your hippocampus, building long-term memory can take a few tries.




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