A Conversation with A Nanny Match Founder Kristen Szapka

A Conversation with A Nanny Match Founder Kristen Szapka

Kristen Szapka’s journey into the heart of childcare began long before she founded A Nanny Match in 2015. With a rich background as a nanny and educator, Kristen witnessed firsthand the intricate needs of families and the transformative power of quality childcare. Her experiences, coupled with a stint in corporate recruiting, armed her with a unique blend of empathy, understanding, and professional acumen, inspiring her to create a service that redefines family-nanny connections. As a passionate advocate for children’s well-being and a champion for caregivers, Kristen’s mission is to ensure every match is not just a solution but a beginning of something beautiful and lasting.

A Nanny Match sounds like a company with a mission! Can you tell us more about yourself and your business?

Hi, I’m Kristen, Founder and President of A Nanny Match, established in 2015 with bases in NYC, Miami, Boston, and Italy. Before launching A Nanny Match, my journey as a nanny and educator allowed me to view the world from a child’s perspective and understand the unique needs of families. I had always wanted to do something meaningful on my own terms, and this insight initiated my drive to create A Nanny Match.

As the heart and soul behind A Nanny Match, I’ve dedicated myself to assembling a stellar team, ensuring we offer a service where families and nannies find their ideal match.

How do you use social media in your business?

We harness the power of social media through Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to foster connections with prospective clients and nannies, enhance our community presence, and showcase our services. 

Since appointing a dedicated team member in 2018 to spearhead our content creation and strategy, we’ve witnessed significant growth across our channels and an increased number of inquiries and applications year after year. 

Our platforms serve as valuable resources for attracting qualified candidates, sharing industry insights, and ultimately strengthening our ties to the childcare community and broadening our client base.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Yes. Entrepreneurship has been a lifelong aspiration for me. From a young age, most would describe me as fiercely independent, an unconventional thinker, and having a knack for questioning established systems.

I’m also very creative and find entrepreneurship to be a great creative outlet.

While it took some time to define my entrepreneurial direction, the moment the concept for A Nanny Match took shape I felt an immediate connection and confidently hit the ground running.

What do you think is the single most important quality in an entrepreneur?

It’s tough to narrow it down to just one, but I believe confidence is key. A confident leader is innovative, builds strong relationships, and creates a positive atmosphere where people can thrive. They possess assertiveness, the ability to recognize talent, delegate effectively, take charge when needed, and communicate straightforwardly.

What can you tell our readers about what’s next for yourself and your company?

I’m thrilled about the future of A Nanny Match, as we embark on exciting new ventures. Alongside our staple nanny placement services, we’re embracing community spirit by partnering with local businesses in the NYC & Tri-State area, aiming for shared growth and outreach. 

We’re also collaborating with corporations to offer their employees our unique service of connecting them with pre-screened nannies that match their childcare needs. This initiative is all about supporting working parents directly through their employers, fostering productivity and well-being in the workplace. It’s our commitment to strengthening community bonds and providing impactful solutions for families and businesses alike.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment and why?

I believe the answer to this question will change with each new phase of personal and professional growth and development.  

At this point, my biggest accomplishment is building a team I wholeheartedly trust and enjoy working with. Hiring properly, training, and leading are some of the most thoughtful-provoking, time-consuming, and challenging parts of growing a business. 

I take immense pride in my small, close-knit team and the strides we’ve made in terms of growth, strategy, and innovation. This journey is an ongoing endeavor, and I find great joy in every step of the process!

What’s next for A Nanny’s Match?

A Nanny Match is poised for an exciting future deeply rooted in community and innovation.

Our journey, driven by a passion for meaningful connections and an unwavering commitment to families and nannies, is continually growing and evolving. 

As we look forward to embracing new partnerships and expanding our services, our commitment to enriching lives remains at the core of everything we do. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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