Networking; How To Create A Compelling Self Introduction by @tochi5

by Tochi Eze | Featured Contributor

I recall when I started out as an entrepreneur, I would go out of my way to reach out and connect with industry experts and potential clients. Let’s just say I attended hundreds of business meetings and social gatherings. As far as I knew, all I needed was my business card and a generous smile to get prospects falling over to do business with me.

As you can imagine, it usually didn’t go quite as expected. For one, I wasn’t actually being remembered. After an entire conversation, folks actually found it difficult recalling my name much less my business offerings. Talk about awkward.

It’s very common to hear business experts emphasize on the need for networking, what is not so common are the skills needed to evoke the right kind of emotions while we network or randomly meet people who take interest in what we do.

Being the typical optimist, I say go for it! You too can have that out of the world experience, your words can command leadership and inspire followers. You can ooze an aura of confidence, charisma and purpose. AND most of all, you can have prospects so enthralled by you that they never forget your name, your product, and the twitch in your smile!

First things first….Introductions!

How do you introduce yourself without sounding all drab and gray? There in is your secret.In a breeze, I’ll list 3 ways to create a compelling, powerful and evocative self introduction.

1. Ditch The Title, Settle For Your Job Description.

This is critical as most people readily remember what you can do for them. Besides, your job title is stated in your business card already. What isn’t stated is a defined job role description that captures the needs of your prospects. 

Think of the effect of these two sentences.

A. Hey, I’m Tochi, a Creative Communication Strategist

B. Hey, I’m Tochi, I love to help brands create magical market perceptions that yield higher sales.

My bet is that you find the later option more appealing.

2. Forget Qualifications, Express Your Passions.

Rather than mention your degree in Mass communication for instance, you can opt for defending your reason for being in that line of business. Again, check out these two distinct scenarios.

A. I majored in Business Communications 

B. I have always wanted to help people express their ideas and dreams better so I have committed to doing just that

3. Ignore The Testimonials and State The Benefits Of What You Do. 

Ignore that gnawing temptation to reel of a list clients you have served. Heck, it’s a 3 minute encounter, your audience wouldn’t remember anyway. Instead state the benefits of your products, service or offerings. How does it make the world a better place and how can it serve your audience.

A. I’ve worked with organizations like….(Feel free to insert a long list of clients)

B. Imagine a world where everyone could effectively communicate their desires, where every dream could find its audience? That’s the world I seek to create, one business at a time.

So it may appear like you haven’t made any sale proposals, but it isn’t a sales pitch remember, it’s an opportunity to get people interested enough to want to hear you out again. Your overall goal as an entrepreneur is to make sure that you stand out from the tons of business cards that your prospects receive. It is possible, and to that I make a toast.

I’m itching to hear your views and learn from your ideas on How To Create A Compelling Self Introduction.  


Tochi Eze – Creative Communication Strategies – Lagos, Nigeria

28Hi there, My name is Tochi Eze all the way from Lagos, Nigeria. 

I believe in life, I believe in love and I believe in laughter. I so desperately want to live in a world where everyone can run with fiery passion, robust dreams, revealed purpose and unparalleled influence. This is why I am committed to helping personal and business brands create magical market perceptions that yield higher sales. Groovy right?

The Connection is WORDS!

I see words as instruments of change, factors of global dominance and tools of leverage.

All your dreams can come true…If you have the right words! 

You have got the dream and I’ve got the words. The result? Magic! Plus other amazing strategies on creative communication that help sustain that gripping effect that your brand needs.

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  1. Zee Obi

    Thanks . creating one already

  2. Zee Obi

    O my! I love every bit of it. Creating one already. Thanks

  3. Zee Obi

    O my! I love everynbit of it. Creating one already. Thanks

  4. laurie

    I love this. In the end it is about having creative conversations that are easy to remember because they evoked a strong emotion from both sides. Passion + Genuine Interest. Good work. If I may share this post, I wrote: “When you eliminate the “what can I get” notion from your mind, you illuminate and authenticate your personality: relationships flourish.”

  5. Peter Kanayo

    Tochi, am damn going to implement your suggestion.
    Love this article hands down. Would follow you on twitter.

    Your article makes a deal of difference.

  6. Tochi Eze

    Yes Katie

    I’m absolutely glad you find it interesting. The world needs a lot less boring 🙂

  7. Katie Simmons

    Love this post, Tochi! By implementing your tips, a boring introduction can be made really appealing and interesting!

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