The “I Dos” and Do Nots of Social Media During the Wedding Season by @BBorowicz

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This past weekend I was blessed to attend the wedding of my brother and new sister-in-law. The ceremony was beautiful, the food was tasty and hey! I got a sister out of the deal!

Now that the wedding season is upon us, there are some definite dos and do nots for the bride, groom and wedding guests when it comes to social media. It’s a big day and this is a day to be shared!

The “I Dos”

  • DO create and encourage guests to use the perfect wedding hashtag.

    There are many ways to go about this but I always recommend starting with your names. You can also add numbers that represent your wedding day or year. For example, my brother’s wedding hashtag was simply #BenoyBorowiczWedding. Feel free to get creative though! One of my favorite, unique wedding hashtags was #BeautyAndTheBeard (she was a beauty and he had an epic beard). Now, when wedding guests take pictures and update their social media accounts with special moments from your wedding, they can add your hashtag. After the wedding, take the time to search your hashtag to find the moments that you may have missed while you were busy, you know, getting married.

    • As a guest: DO use the wedding hashtag for sharing all of your favorite moments from the day.

  • DO create a Pinterest Wedding board before your wedding.

    Pinterest is a bride’s best friend for creative and fun wedding day plans. From dresses to decorations, Pinterest is a great way to get inspired for your big day. My sister-in-law found some great ideas for inexpensive, do-it-yourself flower arrangements and centerpieces that turned out beautiful. Don’t want everyone to know your wedding day plans? Make your wedding board private! (Confession: It doesn’t look like I’m getting married anytime soon but I still have my own wedding Pinterest board for whenever that day comes!)

    • As a guest: DO make your own Pinterest board(s) filled with dress, hair and gift ideas for the numerous weddings you are attending this year.

Wedding on Pinterest

  • DO use a photo sharing service such as Flickr to upload your photos.

    This gives wedding guests, as well as those who couldn’t attend, access to all of the best moments of the wedding in one place! The best photo sharing services are those where you can quickly and easily share with others, allow them to save or download their favorite pictures and even upload photos of their own!

    • As a guest: DO upload your own photos from the wedding so that other guests and the wedding party can see them!

The Do Nots

  • DO NOT update your Facebook status at the alter.

    It may seem funny at the time and while it is a special moment to share with the whole Facebook world, it can wait. Not only is this tacky but the people who actually matter and need to know this information are watching it happen! (For the record: I have been to a wedding where the groom updated his Facebook relationship status at the alter thinking it would be funny and it backfired. Neither his bride or the guests appreciated it.)

    • As a guest: DO NOT update your Facebook status in the middle of the wedding ceremony… that’s rude.

  • DO NOT complain or vent about your wedding on social media.

    Sure, maybe your maid of honor is being a real jerk or the caterer is running late, but social media is not going to solve your problems. While it IS your special day, complaining and venting on social media makes you look ungrateful for the people that are making this day happen, even if they are getting some things wrong. Instead, focus on what is going right and stay positive. At the end of the day, you will have your new hubby/wifey to make everything better.

    • As a guest: DO NOT complain about the wedding on social media. This is someone else’s special day… don’t ruin it.

  • DO NOT be on your phone all day.

    Even though you want to share with the whole world about your special day or keep tabs on your awesome wedding hashtag, don’t forget about the people who are actually there to celebrate with you! Put down the phone, say hi to grandma, smash cake into your spouse’s face and have some fun!

    • As a guest: DO NOT be on your phone all day… have fun!


Brittney BorowiczBrittney Borowicz is an integrated marketing professional with a strong communications background specializing in journalism, public relations and social media. Originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Brittney has spent the past few years working with entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Chicagoland area to enhance their marketing and social media efforts.

Prior to her current role as the Marketing Manager for an embedded networking company, Brittney realized her affinity for all things media and marketing while working in radio and television and as a professional presenter. Later, she began working at a couple of small marketing agencies in Chicago as a Public Relations and Sales Director and Account Manager, which required her to be well-versed in coordinating specialized public and media relations strategies, creative marketing initiatives and cohesive sales process implementations.

As a strong believer in intimate consumer/brand involvement, Brittney helps her clients create content that engages and educates brand audiences while establishing each individual or company as a thought leader in their industry.

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    Which service do you use for posting pictures after a wedding? i’ve found pixieset just the other day. I like it a lot over

  2. Grandeur Wedding Studio

    Interesting to see a post on social media and wedding.. seldom see them linked together and talking about faux pas when it comes to them!

    1. Brittney Borowicz[ Post Author ]

      Thank you! I am seeing social media usage more and more at weddings and other events you wouldn’t typically think of lately. Social media can be a great way to promote and share different events but there are definitely right and wrong ways of doing it.

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