2015: What’s Next for You?


Photo Credit: simon_music via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: simon_music via Compfight cc


2015 is almost upon us and the buzz of the New Year is already in the air. It is around this time of year, we begin to think about the goals that we have accomplished and the plans still in the making.

Each year, we reflect on the years that passed and then consider the year ahead. We’ve done so much in our lives, and had so many experiences, both personally and professionally….we often arrive at a point of What’s Next for Me?

With each year, we can count on change. With each year, we can count on new experiences. With each year, we can count on continuing our quest for the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

It is the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment that drives us to enhance the quality of our lives, year after year. Four core areas, in particular, are at the forefront of the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment: Career, Social Relationships, Companionship, and Leisure.

Let’s think for a moment here about how these core areas really affect us…

Career: Are you really happy with your career track?

Have you lost track of your long-term career goals in the everyday running around? If you have been thinking of starting your own business or switching careers to pursue your ideal position, there is no better time than now to do so. Take the opportunity of a new year to make new beginnings and to get yourself back on track professionally.


• I will work towards getting my dream position/starting my own company that I always wanted to
• I will take courses that will better my skills or give me new ones


Social Relationships: No time for socializing?

In the race to get to the top professionally, have you lost out on important social relationships with family and friends? Make a conscious effort this coming year to make time for family, to meet up and hang out with friends. Have conversations, laugh and cry together, and reconnect with your loved ones who you have distanced from your life.

• I will make an effort to engage socially….actually meeting people
• I will make a bigger effort to stay in touch more often with my friends and loved ones


Companionship: Single and missing having a companion?

When starting off with work, many of us believe that we do not need a companion to get through life. But as we grow older and more experienced with life, we realize that having a companion enriches life. It makes you think about something and someone other than you, to actually do something for someone just to make them happy. If you have been wishing to find someone special for yourself, do it now!


• I will be open to meeting people and getting to know them
• I will make a conscious effort to find a life partner for myself


Leisure: Lost out on the small joys of life?

Have you given up on hobbies, activities, and the little things that make you happy? If you wish to get back to your old hobbies or develop new ones, there is no time like the present. Look up classes, get the right tools for it, and get started this New Year. Make every minute of your life worthwhile and enjoyable, make a new beginning.


• I will restart my dance/music/art lessons, get back to my long-forgotten hobbies
• I will dedicate more effort to finding happiness, satisfaction, and enriching life experiences

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a time to make changes in your life, a time to revel in your achievements and rejoice at all the various experiences you have had in life that you have come across through the years. With each year, we can count on change.

Say Goodbye 2014…..Hello 2015!




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