10 Lessons Entrepreneur and #Amplify Co-Creator Bri Seeley Taught Me

by Mella Noir

Have you ever met a woman who is passionate about supporting women to live on purpose and BE inspirational women in their lives – everyday?  One who speaks, writes, and mentors women to connect with their unique passion for life and to build inspirational lives for themselves?

I have, and her name is Bri SeeleyBri is the founder of The Inspirational Woman Project, a movement which aims to tell the stories of every woman, a regular contributor for The Huffington Post and has been featured in The Today Show, NBC, Kickstarter and PBS among others and is now known as the #1 searched for “Entrepreneur Coach” on Google! She is a phenomenal leader, a fearless entrepreneur and a true friend who has built herself up from scratch. I met Bri when, through the power of Twitter, she reached out to me to invite me to be one of the interviews for her book, The Inspirational Women Project.  I was thrilled, touched and honored that she chose me and since then have watched her grow, spread her wings and flyyyyyyyyy…



Today, we get together to share a few ideas, so simple to Bri, but so enlightening to our brains, spirits, and hearts.

  1. Don’t give up on your dreams. Your biggest successes will always happen on the other side of wanting to quit. You will experience great success if you are able to move through your breakdown and emerge on the other side! As Dory said, “Just keep swimming!”
  2. Look inside yourself to identify your passion and mission for life. Being in alignment with these things will always create greater results than if you are being guided by money or fame or superficial things. It may take a little time to do this inner work, but keep going with it. Your answers are all inside of you.
  3. Take care of your body! Prioritizing nourishment, health, exercise, and movement is a game changer. It can be super easy as an entrepreneur (or just a generally busy person!) to put it off until tomorrow. But it is in the prioritization of these things that will bring greater success for you as an individual, business person, and overall badass.
  4. Life is all about who you know! Don’t abuse your relationships, but the connections and secondary connections that you have in your life will open the most doors.
  5. I see life as a continual exchange of receiving inspiration and being inspirational. Both are equally important and keep you balanced.
  6. If you don’t ask for what you want – the answer will always be no!
  7. Everyone goes through tough times, even if they don’t talk about or share them. Social media likes to show us people’s ideal lives, but it’s not reality. Everyone is facing something in their life right now. You are never alone!
  8. Working harder or more hours is not always the answer. Entrepreneurs already work 63% more than others, and when we’re not experiencing the results we want our natural propensity is to work more. But it’s not in doing more that creates the results you want. It’s working smarter and working in alignment that will create a greater impact.
  9. Compassion has the power to change the world.
  10. Life isn’t about having time – it’s about making time for what’s truly important to your heart.



What I learned from Bri is to BELIEVE that you can do it…because YOU CAN.  Choose your time wisely.  Use your gifts to help others to elevate. Never, ever give up – because success is around the corner if you stay with it. Get mentors! They are an invaluable source of information and experience. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but, make sure you are armed with all the skills and knowledge available, and then LEARN MORE!




Thanks for the lessons, Bri!

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