10 things Entrepreneurs Should Learn from Holly Holm by @xoxoamyjo

by Amy Jo | Featured Contributor 

I have never been into watching fights on TV. Cage fighting, boxing, arm wrestling and all the other violent sports out there totally don’t tickle my fancy. But Holly Holm can teach EVERY entrepreneur a thing or two from her most recent fight against Ronda Rousey.

Last week, Holm took to the ring facing Rousey, the undefeated lady fighter. Can I just point out that if I ever stepping into the ring with another chick and she looked at me the way Rousey looked at Holm…I’d be runnin’. RUNNIN’ I SAY!

BUT! Curiosity totally won. So I watched. And I cringed. But I learned…



  • Yes, sometimes it will feel like you got punched in the face. KEEP GOING! Entrepreneur life is hard. Sometimes it’s going to seem like nothing is working for you. That everything is going wrong. KEEP GOING! Don’t stop just because things get hard. If you really want something, you’re going to do everything in your power to get it


  • Be quick on your feet– If you’ve been having the same idea pop up (whether it’s a business you’re thinking of starting or a new programs to offer, whatever) DO IT! Stop waiting around for everything to fall into place. Be quick on your feet and start before you’re ready. GET MOVING! It’s really hard to make things happen when you stay still. Start making little waves into the direction of what you desire.


  • Get serious– DO YOU WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND BE THE BOSS OF YOUR OWN LIFE?! I thought so. It’s time to get serious. If you’re not serious about being your own boss, it’ll never happen. You MUST get serious and make it happen. Like I said, if you want it bad enough, GO GET IT.


  • Look fear in the eye– Um…did I mention how scary Ronda Rousey looks when she’s ready to fight? Holy smokes. Holly fought her anyway. As entrepreneurs, we encounter so many fears (What if I don’t make any more? What if no one cares what I have to say? What if I don’t know enough). Look those fears in the eye right now and say “ ‘scuse me! Fears aren’t welcome in my brain. Buh-bye”. Yes. Say it just like that. Focus on the positives and what WILL happen as you face your fears. What’s going to open up for you?


  • Put on your confidence pants– Don’t have any yet? Get some. You MUST have confidence in your business and YOURSELF! You DO have value and you DO have an important voice that the world needs to hear. Find your confidence! TELL YOURSELF YOU’RE BRILLIANT!


  • Protect yourself– Fighters wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. YOU should be protecting your most valuable asset, your mindset! Protect your mindset by surrounding yourself ONLY with people and things that truly SERVE you. You are doing yourself NO favors by hanging around with negative people. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up, inspire you, and motivate you to GO BIG!


  • Believe in yourself– Holly Holm was probably the ONLY person who believed enough in herself to win the fight against Ronda Rousey. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! Holly defeated the undefeated champ. What do you think would have happened if she didn’t believe in herself?! My point exactly.


  • Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do it – isn’t this self-explanatory?


  • Fight back– When life gets hard as an entrepreneur, FIGHT BACK! Don’t lets the hardships run you over. Stand up, brush off your shoulders, and keep going forward.


  • Get focused – What’s your next best step? Focus on a task TODAY what can benefit your business TOMORROW. What’s one task you can get really focused on. Is it marketing? Is it networking? Carve out time DAILY to do these focused tasks.



You were born to be awesome. Take these tips and remember to KEEP GOING!


xo Amy Jo

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Amy Jo – International Success Coach + Soul Painter 

Amy Jo As a firm believer in listening to your body’s intuition, Amy Jo founded Soul Paint Co. as a way to encourage women to step into their spotlight. She coaches women around the world to balance their 5 “hot spots” in order to live an abundantly successful and fulfilling life. What are the 5 “hot spots”, you ask? They consist of: Health & Wellness, Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, & Spirituality. Amy Jo believes that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING! When any of these “hot spots” are out of alignment, they affect other areas of your life as well. By balancing these areas, we create space for the magic to happen and to live the life we want! When she’s not coaching, Amy Jo is leading Soul Painting retreats focusing on listening to your intuition through the process of painting. These retreats are moving experiences that break through self judgement and open the heart to greater self love.

Amy Jo has her Bachelors of Arts in Art Therapy, as well as certifications in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She was awarded the POP Scholarship from the National Association of Women Business Owners and is a lover of beaches, elephants, and antique shops.

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