11 Ways To Become Your Best Work Self


by Angela Kambouris

Magic only happens when you decide to start leading you. We know success leaves clues however how many times have you heard to watch how your online heroes operate, to reverse engineer their success, build an audience and create compelling content? All true components to becoming a better leader and entrepreneur. Learning from mentors is wise, trying to become them instead of being in alignment with who you are is counterproductive, ego driven and soul-destroying.

We spend a great majority of time working and yet how often do you spend on professional self-improvement? Of course, you spend time on improving products and service but if you think about it for a moment, striving to be your best self and investing in self-improvement strengthens relationships, satisfaction deepens, and your mind expands to foster and nurture creativity and innovation. As you shine, your business shines through you.

Let me share with you 11 ways to take you closer toward being your best work self in 2018.


Magic Formula Does Not Exist

There is no magic formula that will enable you to be the best work self however there are ways that will enable you to make a more powerful contribution to the workplace. When you step into being who you are, at your highest level, then you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace who you are beyond all external-imposed definitions.


Be You

Be you would have to be the worst advice any leader, in fact any person could give to another human being. Imagine in a workplace where every person was transparent and shared every detail of their real self. A whole bunch of stuff being shared that perhaps may not shine the best light and really does not serve any purpose to you or your audience. Purposeful transparency is worth its weight in gold, not the blabbering leader sharing his fetishes over coffee with his team.

Being real and honest are important as an inspiring leader and what is even more important is who you are becoming. Your best self is a work in progress and an ongoing journey. Find your voice, learn what to share and ensure boundaries are in place.


Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

When you pay too much attention to what other people are doing, you set yourself up for failure. Social media has reduced the time span to give you direct access to comparison with others within a single moment. People get drawn into the illusion, comparison becomes a dark hole and life becomes distorted – “Why wasn’t l good enough for the promotion? Why didn’t l get that opportunity when I have more experience than Johnny? Why can’t l have all the good luck that Mary has?”

As a leader, be clear about your values, beliefs and strengths. When you realize the power of focusing on your inside team, you build empowering beliefs and your positive impact on others and in business, multiples.


Creating Shifts in The Quality of Your Thoughts and Emotions

Changing your physical state first thing in the morning starts you off in the best way. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions can be primed to greatly impact our performance. Tony Robbins, life and business strategist engages in a 10-minute morning priming process to take control of his state by finding a relative quiet area to sit and focuses on three sets of 30 breaths. He places his hands on his heart and feels its power and strength and then connects with three things that he is grateful for.  Priming regularly creates an incredible shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions.


Sleep Meditation and Relaxation Are the Keys to the Lamborghini

According to the World Health Organization, the cost of stress to American businesses is as high as $300 billion. Stress plays a key role in a wide array of illnesses and yet one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to become healthier and happier is through meditation and mindfulness.

It is ironic how people forego sleep in the name of productivity, yet research supports that your productivity is reduced significantly when sleep deprived. Even more than that, your inner psycho takes the stage. Arianna Huffington’s Book The Sleep Revolution highlights how addictions to devices are getting worse as people are loosing sleep and placing themselves and others at risk. Your personal health is affected and subsequently, the economy. A loss of sleep impairs judgment, mood, diet and hinders productivity, creativity and decision-making. Poor performance does nothing to help a company’s bottom line.

When you have a CEO bragging about getting only 4 hours sleep a night, red flags and massive alarms bells should be ringing. Four hours of sleep equates to making decisions while drunk.


Times Are Changing

People are taking note. Work culture is changing, yet not quick enough. To create life-altering experiences, a commitment to getting restful moments are critical to changing the course of your life for the better. Invest in 10 mins a day to focus inward, become present with your thoughts and feelings to connect with you in a deeper way. In workplaces invest in nap spaces or pods, more flexible work hours and how to lead a healthier environment.

Make room for healthier bedtime habits. Make your bedroom a device-free zone, create a routine where you wind down 30 minutes before bed to not access any devices and invest in taking a hot bath. Bedtime non-work reading is recommended and attempt to go to bed at the same time each night. Close the day with three things you are thankful for.


Commitment to Self-Improvement Is One Thing, Execution Is Another

Establishing daily routines is both a self-investment and a way to be your best. When you build forward moving habits, you create momentum that will carry you on days when you lack inspiration or really don’t have the energy to carry yourself. Following a structure assists you in determining your priorities, limits procrastination and keeps you connected with your metrics. As Brian Tracy says, “Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with”. Never discount the power of consistency of taking small purposeful actions.


Value-Based Leaders

Value-based leaders inspire others to live their best work self. Leaders become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement. Self-reflection becomes an intentional, deliberate and purposeful practice to step back and look inward to gain clarity of values and priorities. Confidence is amplified as momentum is gained. Through self-reflection, you identify what matters most to you. Self-reflection brings you back to center and guides you to navigate the challenges you are experiencing. Self-reflection grounds in reality and allows you to see the bigger picture.


Inclusive Conversations

Being your best work self, demands you engage others for a broader perspective and to make decisions to problems that need to be solved. Your confidence in purposefully inviting conversation creates healthy problem-solving opportunities where people’s strengths can shine.


True Self-Confidence Magnetizes People

Have your ever been around a leader who truly know who she is, her skills, accomplishments, strengths, limitations? When you act with self-confidence, you attract others who want to work with and for you as your openness and freedom in what you know and don’t know permeates the tapestry of the workplace.


Humility Speaks Truth

When you act as your best self, you focus on others. Humble people will ask when they need help, will praise others and graciously accept a compliment. Taking responsibility when things go wrong and giving all the credit away when things go right. Leaders acknowledge their achievement were supported by a myriad of people.

Being your best self is a never-ending process. Strive for progress, not perfection. Lead you by making the commitment to be your best work self every day.




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  1. Jules

    Great advice Angela, pays to reflect and remember these good points you have made. Thanks for the reminder

    1. Angela Kambouris[ Post Author ]

      Thank you Jules. Pleased that you have found value in some of the points.

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