7 Ways To De-Throne The Drama Queen In The Workplace

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One Reply to “7 Ways To De-Throne The Drama Queen In The Workplace”

  1. Eve Ridriguez

    About drama queen I was just in front of a firing squad because of one. The drama queen has been at work for a year, She fits the typical well polished smile etc. she is pretty good figure and working with a team of mostly men. She told me don’t tell me what to do (I’m the boss) and I was called by my boss because I insisted that she do what I told her.because of minimal contact and only knowing her “ hi sweetie and touching the men I must be wrong. I decided to keep my contact minimal and only direct about work not her personal life.About six weeks went by and she came in crying “ your like a mother to me I didn’t complain” until this past week when she screamed at me said “ I’m tired of your shit yes I was called into the office because others said I was the one yelling. Now 38 days before retiring I will not speak unless it’s work only. She is laughing carrying

    on like a Winner! The truth will come out when she finds another Victim

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