Stop buying into self-doubt and tap into your little rebel inside


by Angela Kambouris

When you want to make a difference, achieve something significant in the world, and leave a meaningful legacy, then you need to tap into your little rebel inside. No matter what position or title you hold, everyone has a rebel within. The top 1% of entrepreneurs tap into their little rebel to achieve greater and more meaningful success. Richard Branson once said, “success comes to the underdog who doesn’t let sleeping dogs lie and instead shakes up the market by doing things differently.”

The little rebel is the part of you that knows how to challenge the status quo and start the revolution. It is the quiet warrior embarking on a quest to overcome obstacles, the CEO who leads his team raising money for humanitarian causes and building in structures that support staff to give their time and energy to the cause. It is the customer service desk member who initiates conversations with colleagues, despite the squashing of ideas by the manager, to persistently explore how to improve the interface between business and clients.

An empowered rebel has an inner confidence that stems from a burning passion to make meaningful things happen. Melanie Perkins, founder of CANVA highlights that she continuously poured her energy to finding people who believed in her vision and would love to come along for the ride.

Rebels lead with a commitment to continuous learning and build upon their evolutionary wisdom. They lead with influence, graciously bring people along and ensure that when they execute ideas, plans or lead transformational change, that the outcomes are ecological – good for me, good for you and good for the greater good.

On the flip side, when self-doubt creeps in, the imposter syndrome comes out to play. “You are not good enough, you are not smart enough, who do you think you are?” messages play out repeatedly. The cycle is activated and keeps the leader from stepping into their greatness.

Let me share 6 ways leaders can leverage the little rebel inside.


What you resist, will persist.

One of the fundamental mistakes leaders often make from achieving their greatness is relying on what has always worked for them even when it is no longer working. Growth will only occur when you delve deep. Allow your vulnerability to lead you to a place of openness and embracing change. Embracing all of you to earn the freedom to choose who you want to be in this world.

Masquerading who you are is not freedom. Your shadow or leadership gap is your teacher. When you suppress those feelings, thoughts or emotions, they will pop up at the least opportune time. What you resist, will persist. To step into who you are becoming as a leader, means to reclaim all parts of you – the good, the bad and the indifferent.


Leveraging the thief of joy

Self-doubt robs you of all the beauty that is in front of you. Comparison becomes a dark hole and a battle that you will never win. When you stop comparing yourself to others you become the architect of your life. Leveraging the gap, by not signing up to be a thief of your joy, allows you to identify your accomplishments, celebrate the milestones regularly and allows you to focus on your own personal and professional development. Invest your energy into your success and harvest the greatness within.



Great thinking is facilitated through self-reflection. Transforming negative conversations into self-reflection leads to greater self-awareness and positive change. It shifts the focus to support people to work on the right things. Shifting the negativity of “why you can’t” to “how you can” highlights how you can move forward now rather than suffering. You determine your state. You determine who you need to be in the situation. It’s your choice.


Navigate the inner compass

The rebel has a strong inner self and a personal truth that cannot be walked away from. Feeling free to express themselves demands a level of grit and trail blazing. They require responsibility and conscious choice making. They inspire others to see how they can make a difference, speak their truth and know that they have a power of choice. The rebel decides when it is appropriate to speak up, to fight, to challenge and when it is not. They have the wisdom to concede when it is needed and have learned the immense power hidden in surrender.



One of the most aspects of a rebel leader is their ability to challenge themselves. The unique ability to recognize the need for a full reform of themselves, to take an inner journey, devour the resistance and turn it into a force of awakening. Issues are confronted head on, clear direction provided for transformation and their greatest power is to change their own behaviors and life for the better.


Little things, big impact

Learning to recognize your leadership gap is the factor that determines your greatness as a leader.

One of the greatest questions is identifying who you are being when you are leading. Hit the pause button at any given moment and ask yourself that very question. “Am l leading from greatness or leading from my gaps? Am l leading with confidence or leading from self-doubt?” BOXFOX co-founder and COO Sabena Suri explains that seeing setback as a learning opportunity and asking those questions that will set you up to learn and grow.

What is one thing you can do to leverage the inner rebel within you?






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