3 Replies to “Content Marketing During Covid-19 by @lucyrk78”

  1. David


  2. Jasmine Mastrolia

    I’ve had to rework content calendars for all of my clients, and while everyone cut back a bit, fortunately, I have only lost one temporarily – ironically, the one I think is in the absolute best position to continue business as close to normal as possible during this. But we’ve already been getting feedback from clients/potential clients indicating that they appreciate the sensitivity to the situation – which I used to pick up 4 more clients! I genuinely believe that content marketing during this, done carefully and appropriately, is probably one of the most crucial things a business can do – it helps them connect with customers without the underlying sales pitch, which can build customer loyalty. I’m glad you’re promoting that for other freelancers who are struggling with clients possibly canceling services.

  3. Henry Eshelman

    Terrific story and thanks for the advice!

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